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From September 13, 2015


A Tale of two skates
These two pair of skates are headed to Vilanova, Spain this week. The White pair belong to the goalie and the red to a floor player on Team USA U20 Rink Hockey Team.
The white pair has Titanium plate on one foot and an Aluminum plate on the other. Both Plates are Skater Brand.
When these were brought to me, I noted that the left skate had a sure grip truck on it and a mix mash of worn out cushions. Upon closer inspection, I found the rear pivot insert was worn all the way through leading me to believe that they had probably never adjusted the pivot. Eventually causing the truck to break, thus the Sure Grip. The other truck was cracked wouldn’t hold an axle. Skater parts are limited in The States so, I needed to find an alternate solution.
Buying new plates was not an option. This Goalie and his brother are both playing in Vilanova and with most cost coming out of their own pocket, the family could not afford anything new.
I found another pair of sz 16 Skater Plates (Titanium) that had been abused as well. I had hoped to pull the pivots from the Titanium pair but, that was not possible. The pivot inserts were different. One of the plates was beyond repair. That plate was cracked and one of the king pin mounts had been stripped out and then some. The other plate was usable. So it looked like we would have two different plates.
Even with two pair of plates, I did not have enough Skater trucks or cushions to go around.
I found that Sure Grip Classic trucks would fit the plate and fortunately the cushion seat was large enough to accommodate a Roll line Cushion. I had to cut approx 2 mm off of the roll line cushion to make it seat correctly.
In the end, We have two different Skater Plates, 2 Sure Grip Classic trucks,2 Skater trucks and Roll Line barrel cushions. The Classic trucks are heavier than the Skater trucks so, we put them on the Titanium plate . It being lighter than the Aluminum, the pair ended up weighing the same.
Going through the Red Reno’s/ Roll Line Energy in preparation for going to Vilanova, I found a cracked truck on the left front. Fortunately, I had some spares at the shop. Skates US is sending a blue one so he’ll be color coordinated. He likes sporting the red, white & blue at International competitions.

These guys will be playing in Vilanova, Spain Sept 19 – 26 for the 2015 FIRS U20 Rink Hockey World Championships.

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Dec 042016


This pair of Size 4 Riedell 122 Skates was a part of our Fresh Meat Fleet. Something we have done with a lot of the boots from the fleet is what I call “reclaiming” the boot. We removed the boot and filled the holes in the sole. Then we took the original finish down as far as it would go and did repairs as needed. Then we removed and replaced the tongue rubber. Next, we spray dyed the leather and top coated with a shoe product clear coat. Finishing this one off with new insoles & SunGlo laces.


Available Fresh Meat Skates

The plate is a Sure Grip JR. We’ve gone through it top to bottom. I replaced all pivot inserts along with new toe stops. The king pins were upgraded with king pins from old school Snyder Juniors. These have a Hex head and are a little lighter than the originals. We used the lower cushion retainers from the Snyder JR as well and utilized conical cushions from Sure Grip Power Track plates for the lower. The retainers and cushions looked like they were designed to be used together and it really improved the handling of the plate.

I used some Roller Derby Elite Militia wheels. They are diameter and width appropriate for this size skate and look good too. Used, mixed set of 7mm bearings on these. Some Germany, some Nova, nothing special but they will get the job done.

A lot of times when you purchase used skates, they are not ready to use and need some TLC. Ours have been gone thru top to bottom and normally have a good bit of new parts. These are Good to Go!

Fresh Meat Fleet

Fresh Meat Fleet


Another Pair from the Fleet are these Riedell 122 Boots on a Hard Candy Plate.


These boots were also “reclaimed” after serving in the Fresh Meat Fleet. We removed the boot and filled the holes in the sole. Then we took the original finish down as far as it would go and did repairs as needed. Then we removed and replaced the tongue rubber. Next, we spray dyed the leather and top coated with a shoe product clear coat. Finishing this one off with new insoles & NOS Plaid laces.

This boot is marked size 5. However, the insole measured a little short to me and I think they are closer to a 4 1/2. Insole measures approx 9″ heel to toe.


Available Fresh Meat Skates

This Hard Candy has been modified to turn a little better than the stock plate. I replaced the stock barrel cushions with Nova upper cushions. They fit just right and improve handling. The lower cushion is a Blue Sure Gip Super Cushion using a DA45 conical retainer. Being a small plate, approx 5″ wheelbase, I like using the softer cushions for smaller skaters. These have New Atom Snap wheels, New Bionic stops and used Hartford bearings. All brass pivots are in good shape too.

These Skates are ready to roll!

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May 102016

As many know or not know, I have always extolled the greatness of the Hard Candy Plate.

The Plastic(Nylon) Pro Line.

Light weight with a proven suspension geometry. I always thought they were the perfect plate for young skaters. I have also been amazed by how fast young skaters became good skaters when set up with the correct skate. One of the best skaters I have ever seen, a many time Team USA player, told me that he grew up skating Hard Candy’s. I was not at all surprised to hear that.

Baby 351, Hard Candy

The old site had a good bit of research I had done on the Hard Candy out there for those interested. I’ll try to resurrect that for another day

I have recently been very impressed with the Luigino Pilot Eagle and Pilot Eagle Plus plate. I first became interested in the Luigino plates just before Rink Hockey Nationals a couple years back. Gabe had been skating the Sure Grip Avenger and he liked it a lot but, 3 of his king pins had come loose and showed that these weren’t going to hold up for him.

455, Avenger

Money was tight, time was short, I took a chance on the Luigino Viper plate. It only had to get him through Nationals and at that price point, it was worth a shot. The plate was exactly what I expected but most of all, he really liked it and it held up to his abuse. When it came time to move up to the next sized for what seemed like the hundredth time that year, we went with one of the more expensive Luigino Aluminum plates and were more than pleased.

Meneghini Wave/ Pilot F16+

Same Geometry as the Roll Line Variant, Zytel Plate, Urethane Cushions, Click Action and Precision Pivots on the Eagle Plus model or pivots similar to the Hard Candy on the Eagle. Like the Hard Candy, the Luigino comes with 8mm axles. The Urethane Cushions are similar to Roll Line’s but slightly smaller in diameter. However, they do come in three different hardness. Blue/ Soft, Red/ Medium, and Yellow/ Hard.

The Luigino Pilot Plus

The Plastic(Nylon) Roll Line? Just maybe.

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