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From September 13, 2015


A Tale of two skates
These two pair of skates are headed to Vilanova, Spain this week. The White pair belong to the goalie and the red to a floor player on Team USA U20 Rink Hockey Team.
The white pair has Titanium plate on one foot and an Aluminum plate on the other. Both Plates are Skater Brand.
When these were brought to me, I noted that the left skate had a sure grip truck on it and a mix mash of worn out cushions. Upon closer inspection, I found the rear pivot insert was worn all the way through leading me to believe that they had probably never adjusted the pivot. Eventually causing the truck to break, thus the Sure Grip. The other truck was cracked wouldn’t hold an axle. Skater parts are limited in The States so, I needed to find an alternate solution.
Buying new plates was not an option. This Goalie and his brother are both playing in Vilanova and with most cost coming out of their own pocket, the family could not afford anything new.
I found another pair of sz 16 Skater Plates (Titanium) that had been abused as well. I had hoped to pull the pivots from the Titanium pair but, that was not possible. The pivot inserts were different. One of the plates was beyond repair. That plate was cracked and one of the king pin mounts had been stripped out and then some. The other plate was usable. So it looked like we would have two different plates.
Even with two pair of plates, I did not have enough Skater trucks or cushions to go around.
I found that Sure Grip Classic trucks would fit the plate and fortunately the cushion seat was large enough to accommodate a Roll line Cushion. I had to cut approx 2 mm off of the roll line cushion to make it seat correctly.
In the end, We have two different Skater Plates, 2 Sure Grip Classic trucks,2 Skater trucks and Roll Line barrel cushions. The Classic trucks are heavier than the Skater trucks so, we put them on the Titanium plate . It being lighter than the Aluminum, the pair ended up weighing the same.
Going through the Red Reno’s/ Roll Line Energy in preparation for going to Vilanova, I found a cracked truck on the left front. Fortunately, I had some spares at the shop. Skates US is sending a blue one so he’ll be color coordinated. He likes sporting the red, white & blue at International competitions.

These guys will be playing in Vilanova, Spain Sept 19 – 26 for the 2015 FIRS U20 Rink Hockey World Championships.

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