May 102016

As many know or not know, I have always extolled the greatness of the Hard Candy Plate.

The Plastic(Nylon) Pro Line.

Light weight with a proven suspension geometry. I always thought they were the perfect plate for young skaters. I have also been amazed by how fast young skaters became good skaters when set up with the correct skate. One of the best skaters I have ever seen, a many time Team USA player, told me that he grew up skating Hard Candy’s. I was not at all surprised to hear that.

Baby 351, Hard Candy

The old site had a good bit of research I had done on the Hard Candy out there for those interested. I’ll try to resurrect that for another day

I have recently been very impressed with the Luigino Pilot Eagle and Pilot Eagle Plus plate. I first became interested in the Luigino plates just before Rink Hockey Nationals a couple years back. Gabe had been skating the Sure Grip Avenger and he liked it a lot but, 3 of his king pins had come loose and showed that these weren’t going to hold up for him.

455, Avenger

Money was tight, time was short, I took a chance on the Luigino Viper plate. It only had to get him through Nationals and at that price point, it was worth a shot. The plate was exactly what I expected but most of all, he really liked it and it held up to his abuse. When it came time to move up to the next sized for what seemed like the hundredth time that year, we went with one of the more expensive Luigino Aluminum plates and were more than pleased.

Meneghini Wave/ Pilot F16+

Same Geometry as the Roll Line Variant, Zytel Plate, Urethane Cushions, Click Action and Precision Pivots on the Eagle Plus model or pivots similar to the Hard Candy on the Eagle. Like the Hard Candy, the Luigino comes with 8mm axles. The Urethane Cushions are similar to Roll Line’s but slightly smaller in diameter. However, they do come in three different hardness. Blue/ Soft, Red/ Medium, and Yellow/ Hard.

The Luigino Pilot Plus

The Plastic(Nylon) Roll Line? Just maybe.

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